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Two-Wheel Alignment

Two-Wheel Alignment in Savoy and Champaign, IL

Drivers near Savoy and Champaign, IL, with two-wheel-drive (2WD) vehicles choose us for two-wheel alignment services. Our dedication to Honda, BMW, Subaru, Buick, and GMC service excellence allows us to provide certified-quality 2-wheel alignment services for all makes and models with 2WD. Our state-of-the-art facility is the ideal location for certified technicians to perform your two-wheel alignment with computerized equipment for precision results. Continue reading about two-wheel alignment maintenance benefits, check the current specials to save on certified two-wheel alignment service, and contact us for an appointment at Champaign Collision Center in Savoy, IL.

Two-Wheel Alignment Maintenance Benefits

Wheel alignment emphasizes how the wheel assemblies contact the steering/suspension components, and tires meet the road. Properly aligned wheels point straight and perpendicular to the road for a comfortable driving experience with optimal traction, responsive steering, even treadwear, extended tire life, ride quality, and safety. Wheel angles, camber, caster, and toe-in, move out of alignment due to suspension/steering components loosening progressively from everyday driving or acutely from driving incidents like fender benders and potholes. Leading automakers agree that drivers benefit when vehicles receive wheel alignment services every 12 months or 15,000-20,000 miles. Many drivers get wheel alignment checks and as-needed adjustments after noticing the telltale signs of misalignment – pulling to one side, irregular tire wear, and crooked steering wheel while driving straight.

Certified Two-Wheel Alignment Service Near Urbana and Bondville, IL

Choosing us for certified two-wheel alignment services guarantees convenience, precision, and customer satisfaction. We perform two-wheel alignment services for front-wheel-drive (2WD) models. Service involves a certified technician assessing the front wheels’ angles with computerized equipment. We adjust the front suspension to return wheel angles to factory specifications. Service includes visual inspections of tires, brakes, steering, and suspension components.

Schedule Service at Champaign Collision Center Near Tolong and Staley, IL

Drivers near Savoy and Champaign, IL, can schedule two-wheel alignment appointments online or by phone. Customers discover savings on the service specials page. Call our helpful advisors if you have wheel alignment questions, and book your appointment. We have a comfortable waiting area for customers with high-definition TVs, vending machines, magazines, and newspapers. If you are only able to come after hours, we have a night drop box for keys.

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