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Body Repairs & Services

Come to Champaign Collision Center for Auto Body Repairs

Your vehicle’s auto body consists of the frame, the doors, the body panels — essentially, the entirety of your vehicle’s exterior. If your vehicle has been in a collision (or even in a bad storm), it’s often the vehicle’s body that suffers. The good news is that we can perform auto body repairs at Champaign Collision Center, serving Savoy, Illinois. You can learn more about our most popular auto body services on this informational page; then, make your way to Champaign Collision Center near Urbana, Illinois.

Dent Repair

There are two main types of dent repair that we can perform at Champaign Collision Center. Traditional dent repair involves the use of filler and automotive paint, while paintless dent repair is a faster, easier option that simply involves using a tool to massage the dent out of the metal. Whichever one your vehicle needs, come to Champaign Collision Center near Savoy, Illinois.

Body Panel or Door Replacement

There are times when a body panel or door may be so damaged that repair is either impossible or impractical. In cases like these, come to Champaign Collision Center for panel or door replacement. We can replace the old panel with a high-quality replacement and match the paint color.

Bumper Repair

Small dents and dings in your bumper are nothing to ignore. Not only does a damaged bumper make you less safe, but it can also make your vehicle look less attractive.

Frame Straightening

The frame is not the most visible part of your vehicle’s body, but it’s absolutely crucial — and it can become bent during a collision. A bent frame can lead to all kinds of trouble; fortunately, we can perform frame straightening service at Champaign Collision Center near Bondville, Illinois.

Schedule an Estimate for Auto Body Repairs at Champaign Collision Center

Here at Champaign Collision Center, we are proud to perform auto body repairs on all vehicle makes and models. Whether your car, truck, SUV, or van has a minor dent or major damage, we invite you to schedule an estimate online or by phone at Champaign Collision Center, serving Bondville, Illinois. If you are only able to come after hours, we have a night drop box for keys.

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