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Fender Repairs & Services

Visit Champaign Collision Center for Fender Repair Service

The very fact that the term “fender bender” exists shows that a vehicle’s fenders are particularly susceptible to being damaged in collisions. If your car, pickup truck, SUV, or minivan has sustained fender damage in a collision (whether with another vehicle or with a curb), we’re happy to help at Champaign Collision Center, your local Savoy, IL body shop. Find out more about fenders here!

Fender Damage Near Urbana, IL

Your vehicle is equipped with two fenders. The fenders are the body panels located to the rear of the front bumper and to the front of the doors. This means that the fenders include the front wheel wells. Getting into a minor fender bender may cause cosmetic damage, but it may also interfere with your wheels or make it difficult for your hood or door to open and close properly. Even if the damage is only cosmetic, minor dents and scratches can cause corrosion and can compromise the integrity of your vehicle’s crumple zone.

Fender Repairs at Champaign Collision Center

When you come to Champaign Collision Center for fender repairs near Bondville, Illinois, we will start with an inspection to assess the type and severity of the damage. It may be limited to the fender alone; however, damaged fenders can also cause hidden damage like a bent frame or troubles with the suspension elements. If the fender itself has minor dents without chipped or damaged paint, we can use a paintless dent repair, massaging the underside of the fender with a special tool that will bend the metal back into place. If the dents are deeper, we will use a traditional dent repair service, which includes filler and paint.

Come to ​Champaign Collision Center, Serving Savoy, IL

When your fender has suffered damage of any kind, we are here to help at Champaign Collision Center near Bondville, Illinois. Our state-of-the-art body shop is staffed by certified collision technicians who can perform fender repairs to make your vehicle safe and attractive once more. They will use high-quality tools and parts to make sure that your car, truck, SUV, or van is in peak condition again. We proudly service all makes and models here at Champaign Collision Center.

Schedule Fender Repair Service at Champaign Collision Center

From minor fender denting to major damage, we’re happy to help at Champaign Collision Center. You can schedule an estimate online or by phone; then, come to Champaign Collision Center, and we will take a look at your vehicle. If you are only able to come after hours, we have a night drop box for keys. We look forward to helping you.

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