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Frame Straightening

Auto Frame Straightening in Savoy, IL

Drivers in accidents near Savoy, IL, choose us for certified frame straightening in a state-of-the-art facility with computerized equipment. Our factory-trained and certified technicians have extensive experience performing frame straightening services for renowned brands like Honda, BMW, Buick GMC, and Subaru. Our commitment to collision repair excellence allows us to straighten frames for all makes and models. Check the specials page for a complimentary estimate coupon, then contact us for service at Champaign Collision Center in Savoy, IL.

Frame Straightening is a Critical Repair

Although mostly out of sight and out of mind, your vehicle’s frame is critical for structural well-being and safety. Frames bear the primary systems’ weight, including the engine, transmission, suspension/steering, and exhaust, allowing them to function correctly. Frames absorb shocks during collisions, reducing the impact transferred to the cabin. Damaged frames risk vehicle performance and safety.

Certified Frame Straightening Near Urbana, Staley, Tolono, and Bondville, IL

Providing certified frame straightening services requires specialized equipment, training, and skills. The objective is to return frames to factory specifications. Frame straightening service starts by connecting the straightener to key points on the frame. The equipment measures current dimensions and compares them to factory specifications. The certified technician attaches bolts/chains to the damaged zones. The frame straightening equipment applies pressure to bend the frame to the pre-accident dimensions.

Other Collision Repairs at Champaign Collision Center

Frame straightening service naturally partners with other collision repairs, such as bumper repair, fender repair, and painting. We have substantial experience handling insurance claims with all major automobile insurance companies and accept all providers. Our on-site estimator regularly communicates with insurance representatives to get claims approved and services scheduled quickly.

Get a Frame Straightening Estimate at Champaign Collision Center

Drivers start the frame straightening process with estimates. Get your complimentary frame straightening estimate by submitting the online form or calling the collision center during operational hours. If you are only able to come after hours, we have a night drop box for keys. We aim to complete estimates quickly and schedule services at the earliest opportunity.

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